Know my dagger. Know my power. Know me and know fear, for I am Nyne.


Rogue 1 / Wizard 5 / Daggerspell Mage 10 / Arcane Trickster 7
Gray Elf
5’0", long white hair

STR: 12
DEX: 30
CON: 24
INT: 34
WIS: 14
CHA: 8

BA: +10
HP: 236
Movement: 60 feet
AC: 34


[Am I destined to live in pursuit of another’s goals? Those of my dearest friend Thaleus?]

Nyne was still in his youth, a student-scholar looking to earn a decent position for himself in the world. But when an unknown evil began to pervade his homelands, at Thaleus’ urging, Nyne, along with his friend, joined an underground movement known as the Rootdwellers. When they realized that the Rootdwellers were actually the ones behind the evil plot, they made an escape, but not without consequences. Thaleus lost a leg and would never fight again. Nyne became a hunted man and stayed in hiding for years, with the aid of an acquaintance in the local wizards’ guild.

[I think it was here that I took up Thaleus’ cause — to protect our homelands and to seek that which would give me the power to protect the ones I love. It would be many years indeed until I could live a peaceful life again, after marrying Eune, the only love of Thaleus’ life. Indeed, our strings of fate are woven tightly together…]

Due to his study of numerous archaic languages, he was actually able to understand many of the ancient writings in the guild and with a little help cast his first spell. Though knowing nothing of the powers that control the fates of man, Nyne knew that something or someone had guided him here. This role had been created that Nyne might bring a balance of good to the region, and he embraced it fully. This time with the wizards allowed Nyne to develop his powers and live a safe life, for a time.

Despite Nyne’s good fortune, Thaleus went through quite a dark spell. After losing his leg, work, and ambition, his downward spiral continued when Eune broke up with him.

[At this time, I had yet to meet Eune and while laying low had little contact with the outside world, including Thaleus. Had I but known sooner… ]

Upon learning of the Daggerspell Mages, Nyne hurried to their guildhouse, clutching a recommendation from his mentor. As fate would have it, it was here that he met the woman of his dreams, a lovely elf named Eune. Yes, the very same Eune that Thaleus so often spoke of. From her he learned of the struggles Thaleus faced and the dark situation surrounding him. After doing some investigating of his own, Nyne finally tracked down Thaleus, who was in quite dire straights. With Eune in tow, he left mere hours before the induction ceremony when he would have become a member.

[Thaleus has mostly recovered, but still has a remnant of a stutter and relapses from time to time. He is doing well as an affluent information broker. He always supplies me with information on people in need of a hero, or sometimes just work offering good coin. But since I married Eune, it seems he has become quite “forgetful,” often leaving out information vital to the mission. In my line of work, lack of information is a good way to get killed, and I’ve come close several times. But I owe him a debt that I couldn’t repay even if I met my end a dozen times.]

From that point on, Nyne has crafted many heroic, and even a few “epic” tales that he and Eune sometimes tell as bedtime tales to their four children. He lives happily with his family and lives in the bustling plane of Sigil. His wife makes a good career here as a magic item dealer, and Nyne is a stay-at-home dad, who finds time to pursue a writing career and be an active member of the church and community.

Of these heroic adventures mentioned just above, his exploits become particularly eventful after a chance meeting with “Whiskey” in an ogre prison labor camp. Nyne has made a name for himself while traveling with Whiskey and his companions. The team is held together by Sir Odric, who leads with a quiet wisdom that attracts devout followers from far lands. Then there is Axis, who wields a maul which is probably as the weight he carries on his shoulders — the weight of failure that he feels for not being able to save his native plane from destruction. And of course Whiskey Maddox, who has the vast understanding and vision to guide us along the right path, physically and spiritually.

[Walking in the shadows of these great warriors, should you perchance catch a glimpse of a red-cloaked wizard with long white bangs falling below the brim of his hat, know that it is I, Nyne, and know fear.]


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